As Historic Storm Approaches New England, Rep. Markey Releases Report on Climate Change’s Effects on Region

Sea-level Rise, Extreme Storms, Other Climate Effects Threaten New England Lives, Livelihoods

As Historic Storm Approaches WASHINGTON (October 25, 2012) – Weather forecasters are now saying the likelihood of Hurricane Sandy hitting New England in some fashion is increasing, delivering what could be the worst weather conditions since the Perfect Storm of 1991. Climate change scientists, meanwhile, have released study after study saying the extreme weather effects and changing climate of New England will result in storms that are more intense, with worse floods, and damaging sea-level rise, among other effects.

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) today released a report that pulls together the latest studies on climate change’s negative effects on New England, painting a picture of a region already changed, and in danger of losing essential characteristics and economic engines.

“If climate change continues unchecked, Hurricane Sandy won’t be our October surprise, it could be the new normal for New England, where dangerous storms and other climate effects put lives and livelihoods in danger,” said Rep. Markey, who is the top Democrat on the Natural Resources Committee and the co-author of the only climate change bill to pass a chamber of Congress. “The Perfect Storm was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but climate change is increasing the chances of these sorts of historic extreme weather events.”

The report, “The New New England: How Climate Change Jeopardizes the Northeast’s Economy and Environment,” was written by the Democratic staff of the Natural Resources Committee, at the direction of Rep. Markey.

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