May 2018
DOI Response to GAO Request on Zinke Calls with Alaska Senators March 27 2018
Grijalva Huffman Letter Urging SEC to Investigate Facebook Wildlife Trafficking Claims May 14 2018
Grijalva Letter to Zinke on Deploying NPS Park Police to Mexican Border
Grijalva and Carper Letter to Zinke on Endangered Species Act Changes
April 2018
Grijalva, Huffman, Cantwell and Merkley Letter to Zinke on Beaufort Sea Drilling
Pacific Northwest Businesses Letter Opposing HR 3144
Democrats Condemn Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Drilling
DOI Inspector General Looks into Zinke's use of Chartered Planes
Grijalva Letter to Zinke on Vetting Process for DOI Political Appointees
Grijalva Calls for a Hearing on the DOI Reassignment Process
Grijalva Says the Puerto Rico Oversight Board's Push for Deep Budget Cuts Will Lead to Immediate Pain for the People Living on the Island
Grijalva McEachin Letter Requesting OSC Investigation of Zinke Politicking in Florida
Democratic Letter to DOI IG on Manipulating NPS Climate Change Report
March 2018
Grijalva, Lowenthal and McEachin Demand a Hearing on Secretary Zinke’s Inconsistent Statements on Offshore Drilling Plan
Letter to Zinke on Lease Sale and Royalties
Veterans, the Disabled and Elderly Oppose Zinke's Proposed National Park Fee Hike
Letter From Secretary Zinke to Chairman Bishop on Non-Commercial Travel
55 Democrats Demand Answers on Interior's Elephant Trophy Decision
Grijalva and McEachin Letter Requesting OSC Investigation of Zinke AML Announcements
Grijalva Letter to Zinke Requesting Quarterly Meeting with Committee Democrats
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