This Week in Committee: Floor Vote on a Bill that Would Drive the Pacific Northwest's Salmon Runs Closer to Extinction

The House is voting on H.R. 3144 on Wednesday – also known as the Columbia River Salmon Extinction Act – which will drive the Pacific Northwest’s salmon runs closer to extinction. Federal agencies have been ordered by the courts to develop a new salmon recovery plan to bring back dwindling salmon populations. H.R. 3144 attempts to mandate an outdated recovery plan that won’t recover salmon and that has been deemed illegal by federal courts.

Ranking Member Grijalva opposes the bill for the following reasons:

  • Conservationists say it violates bedrock environmental laws including the Endangered Species Act.
  • Businesses and trade groups say it will cause significant economic harm to commercial and recreational fishing, guiding and outdoor retail businesses, and other industries that rely on functioning ecosystems.
  • Tribal interests say it will have detrimental impacts on tribal fisheries.
  • The Governors of Washington and Oregon say it will have adverse impacts on collaborative efforts to recover salmon. 

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