September 2022
Hearing Report: The Role of Public Relations Firms in Preventing Action on Climate Change
December 2020
Repairing the Trump Administration's Damage to US Indigenous Communities and Charting a Better Way Forward
October 2020
Dirty Deals: Four Years of the Trump Administration Putting Polluter Profits Over People
The Melting Arctic: Climate Impacts on People & Wildlife - Oct. 5, 2020
April 2020
Deepwater Horizon Disaster 10 Year Report
February 2020
Puerto Rico Earthquakes Report
May 2019
President Trump is Attacking Our Natural Resources
October 2018
Unmasked: How Republicans Trick Taxpayers and Treat Industry
June 2018
Bureau of Land Management Needs to Improve Its Data and Oversight of Its Potential Liabilities
January 2018
2017: A Year of the Resistance
#InteriorToo: Addressing sexual harassment across the Department of the Interior starts with strong anti-harassment policies
December 2017
Missing the Mark 2017, Part II
August 2017
Fossil Apostles: Fossil Fuels, the GOP, and the Fate of Our National Monuments
October 2016
Water Delayed is Water Denied
July 2016
Interior Could Do More to Account for and Manage Natural Gas Emissions
June 2016
Missing the Mark: African trophy hunting fails to show consistent conservation benefits
May 2016
Bruised and Bitten: How Major Spending Cuts in Puerto Rico Have Left The Island Vulnerable to Zika
September 2015
Profit at Any Cost: How Some Hedge Funds Win by Making Sure Puerto Rico Loses
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