Oversight: Hearing titled “Modernizing NEPA for the 21st Century.”

Full Committee Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Longworth House Office Building 1324


  • Modernizing NEPA for the 21st Century”


  • NEPA is a bedrock environmental law that simply requires federal agencies to take a “hard look” at the potential environmental impacts of projects they undertake or permit. The NEPA process is an important environmental justice tool that gives all Americans a voice in matters where the federal government could harm their communities. 
  • 95 percent of NEPA reviews are completed in a matter of days using categorical exclusions that exist to streamline review of simple, environmentally benign projects. Only one percent of NEPA reviews require an EIS. These are the most complex projects with the greatest potential for environmental harm, and are rightly subject to careful review.
  • The size of the American economy has more than tripled since NEPA was passed in 1970: from less than $5 trillion to nearly $17 trillion. Republican claims that NEPA kills jobs, slows disaster response, and causes drought, fire, and flooding have been debunked time and again. 



  1. Jim Willox
    Converse County Commissioner
    Wyoming County Commissioners Association
    Douglas , WY
  2. Philip K. Howard
    Common Good
    New York , NY
  3. Mike Bridges
    President of the Longview/Kelso Building and Construction Trades Council
    Business Rep. IBEW 48
    Portland , OR
  4. Dinah Bear
    Former General Counsel
    White House Council on Environmental Quality
    Tucson , AZ