Oversight: Subcommittee Hearing on State Perspectives on BLM's Draft Planning 2.0 Rule

Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations Date: Thursday, July 7, 2016 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Longworth House Office Building 1324

On Thursday, July 7, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. in Room 1324 Longworth House Office Building, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held an oversight hearing titled “State Perspectives on BLM’s Draft Planning 2.0 Rule.”


  1. Mr. Jim Lyons
    Deputy Assistant Secretary, Land & Minerals Management
    U.S. Department of the Interior
    Washington, D.C.
  2. Ms. Kathleen Clarke
    Utah's Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. Mr. Jeff Fontaine
    Executive Director
    Nevada Association of Counties
    Carson City, NV
  4. Mr. Jim Ogsbury
    Executive Director
    Western Governors' Association
    Washington, D.C.
  5. Mr. Chuck McAfee
    Landowner and Community Volunteer
    Lewis, CO