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H.R.4032 To confirm undocumented Federal rights-of-way or easements on the Gila River Indian Reservation, clarify the northern boundary of the Gila River Indian Community's Reservation, to take certain land located in Maricopa County and Pinal County, Arizona, into trust for the benefit of the Gila River Indian Community, and for other purposes.
H.R.3916 FISH Act
H.R.3144 To provide for operations of the Federal Columbia River Power System pursuant to a certain operation plan for a specified period of time, and for other purposes.
H.R.4062 To require the Secretary of Commerce, acting through the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to establish a constituent-driven program to provide a digital information platform capable of efficiently integrating coastal data with decision-support tools, training, and best practices and to support collection of priority coastal geospatial data to inform and improve local, State, regional, and Federal capacities to manage the coastal region, and for other purposes.
H.R.4069 To amend the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to clarify the treatment of authentic Alaska Native articles of handicraft containing nonedible migratory bird parts, and for other purposes.
H.R.4033 To reauthorize the National Geologic Mapping Act of 1992.
H.R.4066 To establish a program to accurately document vehicles that were significant in the history of the United States, and for other purposes.
H.R.3373 To amend the District of Columbia Stadium Act of 1957 to extend for an additional 50 years the lease under which the government of the District of Columbia uses the ground under and the parking facilities associated with Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.
H.R.3979 Keep America's Refuges Operational Act
H.R.4026 To take certain land located in San Diego County, California, into trust for the benefit of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, and for other purposes.
H.R.219 Swan Lake Hydroelectric Project Boundary Correction Act
H.R.3990 National Monument Creation and Protection Act
H.R.2630 La Paz County Land Conveyance Act
H.Res.555 Of inquiry requesting the President and directing the Secretary of the Interior to transmit, respectively, certain documents and other information to the House of Representatives relating to the executive order on the review of designations under the Antiquities Act.
H.R.3607 To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to establish fees for medical services provided in units of the National Park System, and for other purposes.
H.R.3997 To waive the application fee for any special use permit for veterans demonstrations and special events at war memorials on Federal land, and for other purposes.
H.R.3983 To direct the Secretary of the Interior to remove the statue to the memory and in honor of Albert Pike erected near Judiciary Square in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes.
H.Res.560 Encouraging observance of National Wildlife Refuge Week with appropriate events and activities, and for other purposes.
H.R.2603 SAVES Act
H.R.210 Native American Energy Act
H.R.146 Eastern Band Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act
H.R.3131 Endangered Species Litigation Reasonableness Act
H.R.2600 To provide for the conveyance to the State of Iowa of the reversionary interest held by the United States in certain land in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and for other purposes.
H.R.2402 San Juan County Settlement Implementation Act
H.R.2936 Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017