Letter to Secretary Ross and NOAA on Allowing Red Snapper Overfishing June 23

A June 23, 2017, letter to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross seeking information on the administration's decision to allow drastic overfishing of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico.… Continue Reading


Letter to Bishop Urging Hearing on Wilbur Ross and NOAA Budget June 20 2017

A letter to Chairman Bishop (R-Utah) calling for a hearing on the Trump administration's budget proposal for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The proposal would severely hurt the agency's ability to protect our oceans, monitor climate change and conduct other basic functions -- but Chairman Bishop has shown no interest in an oversight hearing despite NOAA being part of the Committee's jurisdiction.… Continue Reading


Request for Chairman Bishop to Join Requesting Information on Red Snapper Overfishing June 15

June 15, 2017, letter from Ranking Member Grijalva asking Chairman Bishop to cosign a letter requesting information from the Trump administration on allowing overfishing of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. The letter never received a reply.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Zinke Requesting Info on National Monuments Review June 13

Ranking Member Grijalva's June 13, 2017, letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke asking for information about public comments on the administration's "review" of national monuments and Zinke's travel and meeting itinerary as part of the review.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Zinke on Canceling EITI Advisory Committee Meeting June 6

A June 6, 2017, letter from Ranking Member Grijalva to Secretary Zinke on the Interior Department's cancellation of a meeting of the advisory committee to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, which publicizes extractive industry payments to governments to reduce corruption.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Zinke on Censoring USGS Climate Change Report Press Release May 25

A May 25 letter to Secretary Zinke asking for information on who censored a U.S. Geological Survey press release on newly published climate science.… Continue Reading


House Democratic Letter to Sec. Zinke on National Monuments May 25


Grijalva Letter to Zinke on Grizzly Bears

Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva sent a letter to Secretary Zinke stating his opposition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to remove endangered species protections for Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) grizzly bears.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Zinke on ONRR Valuation Rule Cancellation May 4

A May 4, 2017, letter from Ranking Member Grijalva to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke pressing him to explain how the Interior Department can "delay" implementation of a rule on the value of federal natural resources that already went into effect. The rule was estimated to generate up to $85 million in revenue for taxpayers each year and would have closed industry loopholes that allowed companies to pay lower royalties than generally charged.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to President Trump on Civil War Sites

Ranking Member Grijalva sent President Trump a letter inviting him on a tour of Civil War sites protected by the National Park Service (NPS), offering Trump a chance to learn more about a defining moment in American history.… Continue Reading


Grijalva McEachin Lettter to Zinke on Cason Review Authority May 2 2017

A letter from Ranking Member Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Rep. McEachin (D-Va.) asking Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for more information about the newly expanded authority of Deputy Secretary James Cason to review major decisions and grants of more than $100,000. The scope of Cason's authority to cancel grants of $100,000 or more or to reverse decisions with "nationwide, regional or statewide impacts" -- a term Zinke did not define in his relevant memo -- is unclear.… Continue Reading


Grijalva McEachin Lettter to Zinke on DOI Deregulation Task Force May 2 2017

A May 2, 2017, letter from Ranking Member Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Rep. McEachin (D-Va.) to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke requesting information on a deregulation "task force" Zinke created that seems to operate without public scrutiny or input from relevant career staff with subject matter expertise.… Continue Reading


Ranking Members Letter to DOI on Secretarial Order Documents

Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and the Ranking Members of all five Natural Resources Subcommittees sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke asking him to provide the first set of reports outlined in the March 29, 2017, Secretarial Order on "American Energy Independence" to all Members of the House Natural Resources Committee.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to BLM Acting Dir. Michael Nedd on Pending ADPs

Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) sent a letter today to the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Acting Director Michael D. Nedd expressing his deep disappointment in the agency's plans to prioritize leasing and permitting for oil, gas, and coal above all other uses on America's public lands.… Continue Reading


Beyer Lowenthal McEachin Letter Requesting Hearing for Miners Protection Act April 5

An April 5, 2017, letter from Reps. McEachin (D-Va.), Beyer (D-Va.) and Lowenthal (D-Calif.) urging Chairman Rob Bishop to hold a hearing on H.R. 179, the Miners Protection Act of 2017.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Lowenthal GAO Request for ONRR Royalty and Enforcement Review March 30 2017

A letter from Ranking Member Grijalva and Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif.), ranking member of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, requesting a Government Accountability Office review of the Interior Department program that oversees oil and gas royalty collections for the American public.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Zinke on FWS Congressional Liaison Silence March 29

A letter from Ranking Member Grijalva to Interior Secretary Zinke on March 29, 2017, urging him to reverse a gag order on the Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs. The Office told Democratic staff in the course of preparing for a hearing on the Endangered Species Act that it could not answer questions about the hearing or related issues because no administration witness would be testifying.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Bishop Urging Invite to Zinke to Explain Budget March 22

A letter from Ranking Member Grijalva to Chairman Bishop urging him to hold a hearing with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to discuss the future of the Interior Department in light of the Trump administration's proposed 12 percent budget cut, and to discuss other issues the administration has yet to acknowledge.… Continue Reading


Arnold & Porter Legal Memo on Revocation of National Monuments

A legal opinion from the firm of Arnold & Porter finding that presidents alone do not have the legal authority to revoke national monument status on federal land once it is established.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Coast Guard and NOAA on Seafood Labor Practices March 16 2017

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