Protecting Our Fisheries: Public Opposition to the Republican-Backed Fisheries Bills

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) has come a long way since the law was first enacted in 1976. Initially, provisions to "Americanize" our fisheries worked so well that by the late 1980s, some of our iconic fish species -- among them New England cod and Gulf of Mexico red snapper -- were severely overexploited. To address these problems, fishermen, environmental groups, congressional leaders, and others came together to improve the law, resulting in what is now on… Continue Reading


Our Fellow Americans in Puerto Rico Need Our Help!

It's been more than six weeks since Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, leaving 3.4 million American citizens without power, clean water or stable living conditions. Ranking Member Grijalva and Democrats in Congress have urged Republicans to address the growing humanitarian crisis, but the Trump administration has failed to provide basic assistance. Instead of addressing the immediate problems on the island, Committee Republicans are holding a hearing tomorrow on Puerto Rico's recove… Continue Reading


Trump Expected to Shrink Two Utah National Monuments

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order as early as this week that would unilaterally shrink Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Bears Ears National Monument. Bears Ears was designated by President Obama last year to protect sacred tribal land and artifacts. The move to shrink these Utah monuments puts historical tribal artifacts at risk of being destroyed, puts the wildlife who inhabit the land in danger, and could hurt the local tourism and outdoor retail indu… Continue Reading


Democrats Force Committee Markup on Secretary Zinke’s Secret National Monument Review Process

Democrats on the Committee have set the agenda this week by forcing Committee Republicans to talk about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's secret "review" of our national monuments. A markup will be held tomorrow afternoon on a Democratic proposal, called a resolution of inquiry, that requires the administration to release Secretary Zinke's final report to the president on shrinking several national monuments, as well as all supporting documents the Secretary and his office may have. Secretary Zin… Continue Reading


In the Wake of the Las Vegas Shooting, Grijalva and Conyers Call on Speaker Ryan to Pull the Gun Silencer Bill From the House Floor

In the wake of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Ranking Member Grijalva and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan calling for him to remove the SHARE Act - the NRA-backed bill that would make it easier for people to purchase gun silencers and make it harder to regulate armor-piercing bullets - from the House calendar indefinitely. The firearms-related provisions of the SHARE Act would: Weaken regulation of the interstate … Continue Reading


Our Fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Need Our Help!

It's inhumane that our fellow Americans devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) continue to be ignored. Three and a half million Americans in Puerto Rico are without food, access to clean water or stable living conditions. AndThe New York Times reported it could be four to six months before power is restored on the island. We can't go another day without taking action to make sure the people of Puerto Rico and USVI know help is on its way. We need the T… Continue Reading


This Week has Turned into a Showcase for the National Rifle Association (NRA)

Unfortunately, this week has turned into a showcase for the National Rifle Association (NRA). Committee Republicans are holding a hearing tomorrow on a bill that would make it easier for people to purchase gun silencers and make it harder to regulate armor-piercing bullets - supposedly to help sportsmen hunt deer. The Republican-authored Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement or SHARE Act pushes the NRA's agenda at the expense of actual conservation and sportsmen's priorities. The Com… Continue Reading


New report documents the strong influence the energy and mining industries have over the Trump administration’s “review” of 27 national monuments

A new report released by House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) documents the strong influence of the oil and mining industries over the soon-to-be-completed Trump administration "review" of 27 national monuments around the country and sheds new light on the review's unpopularity. The report finds that the administration's review, far from being based on a desire for more public input, suffers from a nearly complete lack of public transparency and tha… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK: Republicans Want to Build an Environmentally Damaging Road through a Wildlife Refuge in Alaska

The controversial King Cove Road Land Exchange Act (H.R. 218), a bill that would greenlight an environmentally damaging road through a wildlife refuge in Alaska, is being brought to the House Floor for a vote on Thursday. Ranking Member Grijalva urges all Members of Congress to vote no on the Republican-backed bill for the following reasons: It revives an ill-advised project that has been rejected by numerous federal agencies on numerous occasions over the past 30 years. Building a road thro… Continue Reading


House Voting on a Water Bill that Provides NO NEW WATER

House Republicans are pushing a water bill (H.R. 23) to the House Floor tomorrow for a vote. Ranking Member Grijalva urges all Members of Congress to vote no on the Republican bill for the following reasons: It's a water bill that provides NO NEW WATER Threatens thousands of fishing industry jobs Preempts state water law Guts environmental protections and weakens bedrock environmental laws In addition, the bill hasn't been vetted by the Committee of jurisdiction, state or federal water … Continue Reading



On Thursday, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is testifying at our Committee hearing on the president's Fiscal Year 2018 budget request that slashes the Department's budget by 10 percent. Secretary Zinke is proposing to make the largest cuts to the National Park Service since WWII, push career staff out of their jobs, and eliminate key programs important for land management agencies. Democrats on the Committee are outraged that Secretary Zinke has already broken his promise to protect and pr… Continue Reading


Our National Monuments Are Under Attack!

In April, President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) to review the establishment history and current status of 27 national monuments created since 1996 under the Antiquities Act - a law Congress passed more than a century ago that authorizes the president to designate national monuments on existing federal land. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is currently traveling to a small handful of monuments on the review list and holding public meetings at … Continue Reading


THIS WEEK IN COMMITTEE: Republicans Pushing to Build a Road Through a National Refuge

This week's hearing in the Federal Lands Subcommittee features a bill by Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) to authorize construction of a road through the Izembek National Refuge, a congressionally designated wilderness area deemed a "Wetland of International Importance." Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency that manages the refuge, evaluated the impacts of the road and determined that it would do irreparable ecological damage to the refuge and the wildlife species that depend on its unique habitat. De… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK IN COMMITTEE: Round Two - Infrastructure Projects & GOPs Denial of Climate Change

On Tuesday, Committee Republicans are holding their fourth subcommittee oversight hearing on U.S. infrastructure, suggesting they're laying the groundwork for an infrastructure bill later in the year. Despite the fact that the U.S. is facing growing financial costs as the country's infrastructure is impacted by the effects of climate change - extreme weather, floods, heat waves, prolonged rains, sea level rise, and more - Committee Republicans refuse to talk about the impacts of climate change o… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK IN COMMITTEE - Undermining the Antiquities Act: Round 1 - Marine Monuments

On Wednesday, Committee Republicans are holding a hearing to continue their assault on the Antiquities Act. This hearing will focus on Republicans' false claims that our past two presidents, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, overreached when they used the Act to create national marine monuments. This is clearly a coordinated effort by Committee Republicans and outside groups to undermine the Antiquities Act, but will be framed as a defense of fishermen and fishing communities they claim are being… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK IN COMMITTEE: GOP Fails to Invest in Indian Country Infrastructure Projects

On March 9 the Committee is holding a hearing on infrastructure projects in tribal and insular communities. Investment in tribal infrastructure has not remotely kept up with unmet needs and inflation, resulting in inadequate and outdated facilities and unmet construction and repair needs across the country. Over the years, this lack of investment has drastically and disproportionally affected the health, well-being, and livelihood of Native peoples. According to a 2009 estimate, the total unmet … Continue Reading


THIS WEEK IN COMMITTEE: First Hearing on Infrastructure Projects

Throughout the month of March, Committee Republicans will hold a series of subcommittee hearings to address natural resources-related infrastructure projects - like dams and pipelines - in support of the proposal the White House is expected to release this year. As these plans are developed, it's imperative that we include a process that adapts to the growing affects climate change has on our planet. We should be designing and constructing new projects that can adapt to and recover from climate… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: House Voting to Kill Baby Animals in Alaska

On Thursday, House Republicans are taking a short break from their crusade to make our air and water dirtier so they can make it easier to kill bear cubs and wolf pups on federal National Wildlife Refuges. Yes, you heard that right H.J. Res. 69, introduced by Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) would repeal a Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) rule that prohibits shooting bear cubs, killing wolf pups in their dens, and mowing down grizzlies from a helicopter in National Wildlife Refuges. The state of Alaska… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: House Voting to Repeal the Public Lands Planning Rule

Here's the Committee's schedule for the week of February 6th: On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the House is voting on H. J. Res. 44, a Republican bill that if passed would repeal the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) effort to update its resource management planning process, commonly referred to as BLM Planning 2.0. Planning 2.0 is intended to increase public involvement, encourage use of high-quality scientific data, and facilitate a shift to landscape-level planning to better respond to climate change. M… Continue Reading


THIS WEEK: House Wants to Make it Easier for Big Oil & Gas Companies to Pollute our Air

Week of January 30th Wednesday, Feb. 1 Natural Resources Democratic Forum on the BLM Methane Rule at 12:30 PM in HVC-201 AB Repeal of the Stream Protection Rule through the CRA Wednesday, Feb. 3 Repeal of the BLM Methane Rule through the CRA Week of February 6 Tuesday, Feb. 7 Full Committee Organizing Meeting at 11:00 AM in Longworth 1324… Continue Reading

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