Protecting Our Fisheries: Public Opposition to the 'Empty Oceans Act'

On June 1, the House Republican majority passed an unpopular, overreaching update to our nation's fisheries law that would allow severe overfishing and put our natural resources at risk. Much more information about why this bill is misguided - and why it's opposed by so many business, environmental and scientific leaders - is available on this page.

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) has come a long way since the law was first enacted in 1976 to secure viable fisheries and healthy oceans. Initially, provisions to “Americanize” our fisheries worked so well that by the late 1980s, some of our iconic fish species -- among them New England cod and Gulf of Mexico red snapper -- were severely overexploited. To address these problems, fishermen, environmental groups, congressional leaders, and others came together to improve the law, resulting in what is now one of the best fisheries management systems in the world.

The Magnuson-Stevens Act has expired. Congress is still funding its programs, but some of them need to be updated and the law needs to be reauthorized. That will only happen on a bipartisan basis. Unfortunately, Natural Resources Committee Republicans recently offered a highly partisan bill that would erase Congress' commitments to improve our oceans made during the 1996 and 2006 reauthorizations. The future of our oceans and fisheries is at stake.

Democrats on the Committee are committed to safeguarding the hard-won gains in U.S. fishery policy by learning from the past, listening to science, and putting resource sustainability first. We want to ensure that we maintain one of the world's best fishery management systems rather than trading it in for short-term profits.

On this page, you can learn more about the widespread public opposition to the Republicans' "Empty Oceans Act."

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