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Repairing the Trump Administration's Damage to US Indigenous Communities and Charting a Better Way Forward


Fossil Apostles: Fossil Fuels, the GOP, and the Fate of Our National Monuments

A report from Ranking Member Grijalva on the Trump administration's "review" of 27 national monuments with an eye to shrinking them or rescinding their conservation status. The review, which was expected to be completed shortly after this report was made public, has been plagued by a lack of public input, Interior Secretary Zinke's refusal to meet with pro-monument stakeholders, unclear criteria and little transparency, and heavy industry influence on the administration's fossil fuel policies.… Continue Reading


Water Delayed is Water Denied

Report finds that nearly 48 percent of U.S. homes on Native American land - in contrast to less than 1 percent of U.S. homes overall - do not have access to reliable water sources, clean drinking water or basic sanitation, a problem exacerbated by the refusal of today's Republican congressional majority to approve water rights settlements.… Continue Reading


Bruised and Bitten: How Major Spending Cuts in Puerto Rico Have Left The Island Vulnerable to Zika

The House Natural Resources Committee staff, led by Ranking Member Grijalva, released a report showing that devastating budget cuts imposed in the wake of Puerto Rico's $72 billion financial crisis have left Puerto Rico vulnerable to the Zika virus. As Congress considers legislation to help the 3.5 million American citizens living on the island emerge from this humanitarian crisis, it is clear that further cuts could be dangerous and cost more than they would save.… Continue Reading


Profit at Any Cost: How Some Hedge Funds Win by Making Sure Puerto Rico Loses

This report examines the role of hedge funds in this crisis. It finds that certain hedge funds are attempting to rewrite recent financial and political history in order to capitalize on the island's financial difficulties at the expense of the residents of Puerto Rico, who are American citizens.… Continue Reading

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